Submission from Marx Dudek

•January 27, 2008 • 2 Comments

Definitely not the one you take home to mother – not that I’m planning on meeting your parents! I’m an open-minded, curious, adventuresome, genderqueer, loud-mouthed, foul-mouthed trash-talking angel of an avatar. Love me or adore me, there is no other choice. – Marx Dudek 




Marx, I took the liberty of slightly editing these. I hope you don’t mind me playing with your RAW photos.  Of course I know you love it, knowing I am using my magic wand over the length of your skin, and running my soft finger along all the edges. I think it would be fun to hook up in world and let me take your picture, sweetness. If only we could coordinate our schedule, and that may indeed be a tricky task in itself.

Thank you for sharing your playful and sensual spirit through these photos. I am so drawn to your cock, I am certain I could fit the entire thing into my mouth and suckle away on it like my favorite pacifier. You have me wanting to put on my strap-on and take you from behind, groping your soft, fun bags and taut nipples. Your cock throbbing, and dangling down between your legs aching to be touched, rubbed, stroked until you get that familiar sensation and can’t hold back. I want to see that cum puddle, show me, baby doll. You are such a good boy.


Fast car, fast girl

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Black, with crushed red velvet interior, shiny wheels and it was fast, drank a lot of gasoline. “Monte” was my nickname for the 1978 Monte Carlo given to me by my father. At this point in the story I was 19 and working at the local mall at Frederick’s of Hollywood, slinging lingerie and massage oils with various flavors of edible panties. It had been a long day so I thought it would be fun to surprise my boyfriend by showing up at his house in nothing but lingerie and my trench coat.

We had a nice time and I went to leave sometime around 2-3 am. I really hadn’t packed anything to wear so I just went home with my lingerie tucked in my purse and my coat on. It was so cold and I thought, maybe I should have stayed, but I pulled out and made my way toward my home.

So I pull up to the light, and here comes some guys in a Scirocco teasing me. Oh please, I thought to myself, this would be a good race, but I know they were thinking they would smoke me. Scirocco’s are fast but my dad had souped up this engine and I knew the road we were on, there was no way they could take me. I did think twice but when the light turned green I took off and so did they. Last I looked at the speedometer we were at about 110 or so, but I had more to put to the floor and a flat stretch of road. They might of been fast off the line, but watch my ponies run boys, then I saw the officer’s car grill out the edge of a driveway and I backed off the gas. The Scirocco catapults by and they wave at me. My heart is racing but the cops go after them. I see an exit. I think I should take it but I decide to go straight and see them pulled over. I get around the bend and there is an officer flagging me over too.

I sit in my car, naked with nothing but my coat on, thinking about somewhere I heard that if you are going double the speed limit or more they will take you to jail. I was so scared I thought I was going to throw up. He already had the others guys out of their car, “oh why didn’t I get off on that exit” My boyfriend at the time wasn’t going to be able to get me out of jail…who would I call.. omg I am going to have to call my dad and explain this and my head just kept spinning. I couldn’t really make out what the officer was saying I was trying to pay attention, it’s get a bit foggy on my recollection here since this was a while ago, but basically we got the hell scared into us and let go.

I could of had ’em.

Beach Swing

Admiration Letters

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I love spending time in world and on occasion I get the pleasure of spending it with someone really wonderful. I enjoy the company of intelligent, well humored, attractive people and without a doubt Bish is one of them.

He and I were visiting the other day and he suggested that I accept admiration letters and share them on my blog. I think that is indeed a good idea… it serves a couple purposes: one being if you don’t know what an admiration letter is this will supply you with a good example, and two I love to highlight the, shall we say, cream of the crop.

As these articles mature on my blog, I hope to cover topics on how to communicate on various intimate levels from cyber text, phone sex, to the fine art of “restraining your lover between your thighs and telling him what a dirty little slut he/she is”, and more.

Now I share with you a letter from Bish I received the other day.

I am so honored and pleased with this affection from Bish, and with his permission I will share it with you.


I long for the next time I will kiss your little mouth.
The one that sits so perfectly between your legs,
ascending like pillars atop my shoulders
While I rest my face
and inhale
your intoxicating scent
breathing in, deeply, then tasting
Feeling you swell, aroused,
hot moist sticky damp swelling soft incredibly sexy
(all at the same time)
And then, reach my tongue to savor the fruits of your harvest,
sharing them with me so intimately
hearing the delicate aria you sigh and moan through your other lips
and feeling your little mouth pucker for me, and squeeze
velvety and snug,
tugging and teasing for my
licking and lapping
(I also long for the next time I will place my phallus inside)
Using my tongue to give, to deliver, to honor you
with pleasure upon pleasure until —
You can burden it no longer,
release is yours,
and love is ours

And then we lay together a long time.

Yours, Bish XXOO

I want to see YOUR nice cock

•January 2, 2008 • 4 Comments

I guess I have it on my mind and while I do, I shall share this with you. I am not anti-new resident male, I am just not into the look. I like a man that has spent some time on himself and made his look his own.

Here is an all-too-often sight at the sex club.


New Resident Male

and here he is once he digs out his free Sarah Nerd cock

New Resident Male with Sarah Nerd Cock

Here is a picture of the gorgeous Bishamon (thank you Bish for posing for me again)



You don’t have to look like Bish, as my point is just to illustrate how much nicer a man is to a woman once he has put some time into himself.


And now, in the vein & spirit of the dearly departed Mrs. Candy

Anyone who would like to make a phallic submission should email amelie.magnolia at I urge you to pull down your pants, attach that cock, and send along your pictures to me, AMYMAG (Amelie Magnolia), for consideration.

Photographs should be of good quality. Please include 3-5 photographs for me to choose from. You should include some pictures that include your cock AND testicles, some showing your pubic area (including your stomach) and some views from the side. If you think you have a divine body and a divine cock, then please send me a picture of you in your glorious entirety! Along with your submission please send a note, use your imagination. Please note if you are accepted as a phallic patron, your review will not be published to the website unless their is a note attached to the pictures.

There is NO minimum size requirements. Each phallus submitted for consideration will be judged not on it’s size but on it’s overall appeal. Your cock must be erect in the majority of your photographs, but flaccid shots are welcome for comparison purposes. Also please feel free to tell me about your sexual habits, how often you masturbate, whether you are a big spurter or anything else you think might help spice up the review. Your sexual orientation is irrelevant for the phallus reviews, although some readers may be interested to know. Feel free to share your sexual orientation with me.

Pictures showing any type of sexual relations will not usually be included in the review, but if you feel compelled to share them with me, that is most delightful. Ejaculation images are encouraged and allow for an illustration of your semen volume.

I hope that these simple guidelines will help ensure the quality going forward of the phallic offerings submitted here for review.

I can’t wait to see what is cumming. xoxox

CUMon Second Life Shop and Club

•January 2, 2008 • 3 Comments

While out exploring today I, AMYMAG, went to a shop with some really nice-looking sculpty cocks called CUM on. It is a clever name.


I was delighted by the shape and design of these cocks, the extensive menu options similar to xcite but with its own flair. I was drawn here for the promise of something kinky with some quality to it, and I’ll agree this is a store with some kinky things and some nice quality.


They had a nice atmosphere to their shop and club, good music if you like rock, and I do sometimes.


I found it a bit strange with the garden center tucked in between the strip bar and the cock shop.


Overall I liked the shape and style of the cocks but I am not a fan of their cum.  I do think it’s a nice, good start but the cum really needs to somehow get that gooey transparency to it and lose the Elmer’s Glue look. ~rawr~


Everyone is certainly entitled to their kinks… I am no one to judge, and for me to each their own but AMYMAG doesn’t like scat on cocks, keep ’em clean. You must clean out your back end before you go having it dipped into! I don’t want it in my fantasy, no feces in my fantasy. But.. on the off-chance you are a coprophiliac, this place has some stuff you might like.


I think you should go check out the offerings at CUMon, and see if they have anything you might be needing. They seem to have fair prices and will be a place to keep your eyes on for new toys.

New Years Eve in Second Life

•January 1, 2008 • 1 Comment

Mmmmm MMMMMmmmmm Bishamon came to visit, he really is such a nice guy I just can’t resist how handsome he is and how much I want to play with him.  I like to look at him with me, it gets me hot. First there is the enjoyment of the visit, the pleasure of the now and then my mementos, my pictures. I look him over again with in the pictures I take, I crop, distort, pinch and more.

Oh I know you don’t really want to hear all about my love life, or do you?


My appetite is sometimes just so insatiable and I think about all those cocks out there, I was out wandering in Second Life earlier, I thought I might fancy an orgy today, nothing too committal… just lurk about or see what was going on so I pulled up the search tool and typed in, “Orgy” .

Sexy Island

It’s sandy tropical and it’s a mall. I landed on a dance floor that had some pose balls for dancing on it and a stripper stage with a few dance poles on it. There were four people up pole dancing, one was a new resident male… this gets old fast, he’s not cute, he’s not clever and he definitely is not amusing anyone but himself and taking up space making lag wasted lump of pixels. If you advertise you are a sex island, you have a strip club you should be upset some new resident guy is wasting your space like this, but Sexy island isn’t really about being sexy, it’s about peddling stuff in the large floating square mall sitting about 60m above the sand. There is no care to who is there as long as it’s making traffic I am sure, and there certainly was no orgy going on and I went back to the search menu and typed in orgy again. 

Click the picture for a full set of shots from this place.

Sexy Island

Orgy Island, Isle of Passion

I know what you are thinking! Now this sounds really good doesn’t it? I teleport right over and into the middle of a mall. Jesus Christ, but I can be distracted like the best of them and browsed the mall for two stalls, enough to find a new shop to go explore later. I re-oriented myself through all the signs and craptasmic stuffing of text and colors in my face and find the sign to the Orgy area.

I see a bunch of green dots mmmm we know what that means right? It’s got a strip stage with some girls up there that have taken at least some care to their appearance and a motley audience some dancing and some just standing around with their hands in their pockets. I am so not impressed and I started losing my mood. I thought surely I was missing something this is ORGY ISLAND.

I went further and found some decent role play rooms on the side of the island with no one there save this one guy who asked me if I wanted to but really at that point with SL freezing up and his lack of care put into his avatar I just didn’t want to. He said it was a pity, it was because I probably would of had it been a bit earlier. I think he seemed nice enough but at that moment I had just had it. I wanted a strong English speaker, some imagination, an adequate looking avatar (I know they aren’t all created equal) and sometimes it doesn’t pan out and I logged out.

Click the picture for a full set of shots from this place.

Orgy Island Mall

Two thumbs down for Sexy Island and Orgy Island, just lame attempts at hosting malls. I would be happier if they renamed themselves to Sex Island Mall and Orgy Island Mall, at least then I would of known and not wasted my time.

What’s your favorite spot for an orgy? Where should I go next time?

Residents of Second Life, it’s time for a sexolution!

•December 31, 2007 • 3 Comments

Second Life has been around for a few years now, and while there have been many enhancements in the world to enjoy a healthy fantasy and sensual experiences, there still is room for more. More what? More sex communities, more sex-related products, more quality and more coverage, O-M-G… did I just say Second Life needs some sex related news coverage? I sure did, and it doesn’t need to be negative or dismissive.

Second Life is an awesome place to meet, greet, and get it on! It’s a big world, there’s room for it all, and that includes the healthy and large sex community, not swept under the rug. We need tutorials, we need guides, we need some luvin’, AMYMAG who is this “we”?

Angel reworked

(picture by me Amelie and Loki Popinjay deliciously edited this image, thank you again Loki, I love it! check out his flikr stream)

My sex life is fine thank you so very much…

“AMYMAG, where do you get off?”

I get off often in Second Life, often enough to speak to you right now and say our communities need better sex outlets. The good sex immersions in SL tend to lean toward some more “racy” fantasies and there could be a better balance. I guess there are more twisted and perverted good content creators out there rather than the more mainstream ones, eh? I digress and I am tired of seeing our new resident men showing up at the sex club with their between the legs bump or that one free prim cock that has been distributed to death and expecting somehow this is how it’s going to go,

“u wanna fuk?”

Yeah I do, but I don’t wanna fuk THAT.

Never fear for I am here, and I am here to help. I will foster in this sexolution, I will put out some tutorials, I will put up some guides, I will write some reviews, I will do this all for you, I shall make this sacrifice with oh so much pleasure. It’s hard with the world so big these days to be in the know, you want to pop in, go someplace cool, do what you want to do but how much time is spent wasted knowing where to go for the latest cock or pussy, or skin? Where are the coolest awesome sex beds? Who has them out in a sex club?  How do I get my prim nipples to perk like those other girls????? People have questions, and yes, my friend, I, AMYMAG am here to serve you.

With having said this I welcome you to my blog and a big kiss kiss kiss and a hug that lingers maybe just a bit too long.